The Guardian Angel of My Business

Posted by Adrianna Rivers on

Its amazing how a mother's instinct can kick in! I can't  begin to explain the feeling of being a mother. How can someone so tiny persuade you to evolve into a better you? I often tell myself, I need her more than she needs me. The way she kicks and smile with excitement when I tell her "good morning" warms my heart. To know someone is waiting for me every night when I come home is a  reason to race to her. How her tiny hands and toes curl up in my arms when putting her to sleep. My daughter, S'tash Giselle Rivers is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It's important that I am a role model for her and show her that nothing can stop your dreams from becoming a reality. Her personality is beginning to blossom and its so graceful, that it makes me tear up looking into her eyes. To know how peaceful and innocent she is, and me bringing her into this world makes me feel accomplished, proud, and grateful. She is the Guardian Angel of my business and our first official blog is dedicated to her. Thank you for giving me purpose and hope. I promise to never fail as a mother, business woman, and a student of life.

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