Respect my Hustle

Respect my Hustle

It seems as though everyone has an opinion on how businesses are being established today. We seek the need to question If supporting a small business is a better route to saving our economy.

I mean, what do we really get out of going to upscale malls, shopping in overly priced stores, and squeezing ourselves in poorly stitched clothing? Is it the service? Is it the bullshit product knowledge being served to you on a silver spoon? Or is it really the quality of the merchandise that convinces you to stand in line for hours?

I have found a love for GREAT small businesses. Their drive, motivation and wisdom behind a great establishment is what makes me loyal to them. Its courageous to be a small fish in a big pond and survive everyday.  I've overcome the bias attitude about giving small business owners my money. I feared my information wouldn't be safe or secure whether it was online or a brick-and motor. The reality is, I was being simple minded. Supporting small business puts money back into our community, gives jobs to our working class, and puts a roof over every neighbor's head. There is no reason why we shouldn't support each other because I can tell you Tom Ford don't give a damn about us. It takes hard work to own a business and they deserve a lot more respect than what we give. Trust me I would know.

Black businesses are on a rise in the new millennium. Becoming a black business owner has taught me to live a humble lifestyle. I love helping my S'tash Access customers feel confident about their choice of fashion accessories. The journey and the challenges I take on everyday inspire me to be a better person but the uncertainty of when my black community will wake up and realize I'm not the enemy frightens me. I'm only here to better myself, my community, and my brand. Its been one year since I've opened my online fashion accessories boutique. We have grown so much since the beginning. It's seems as though the more professional my brand becomes the less support I get from my community. But, that wont stop me from reaching my fullest potential. I'll just continue to set goals, inspire others, and acknowledge the love shown thus far. It's just the beginning for S'tash Access.  


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